Genesis Portfolio Solutions (GPS) is an automated algorithmic investment management platform available exclusively for our clients. GPS is designed to deliver personalized portfolio management services and expertise in an automated, online client experience, which allows us to create a diverse set of portfolios for clients that reflect our firm’s investment philosophy. Through the program, Genesis Capital makes available a range of investment strategies, each consisting of a diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Your portfolio will be managed by our investment management team in real time and held in custody at Charles Schwab Institutional.

GPS is available to clients online and includes a system that automates certain key parts of the investment process, such as determining the client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance, an appropriate investment strategy, and managing the client’s portfolio through automated rebalancing. We create our  investment strategies by choosing from among hundreds of ETFs that meet our established criteria. The accounts are managed for a single investment management fee and there are no separate costs for custody, trading or execution.

The registration for GPS is entirely online and the signup is quick and easy. Clients are asked a series of questions to determine their investment risk profile and receive our recommended portfolio based on their answers. Genesis will then review and make any adjustments as appropriate before your money is invested.

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You will have to answer 12 confidential questions to finalize your profile creation and begin investing with GPS!

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