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Asset Management

Genesis Capital Group is an independent asset management firm (discover who we are), serving the most sophisticated financial needs of institutional and ultra-high net-worth investors around the world. Our wide-ranging capabilities include traditional and alternative equity as well as fixed income strategies, commodities, private placements, private equity and hedge funds. In addition, we provide comprehensive portfolio analysis, advice and sophisticated wealth planning solutions.

Asset management has been the core of our business portfolio. Genesis Capital’s fundamental goal is to build sound, strategic, risk-managed portfolios, constructed to meet the most complex needs of our clients. We offer a broad range of investment capabilities across asset classes and investment styles. Sound research has always been the cornerstone of Genesis’s investment philosophy. We construct only style-specific portfolios based on unbiased research.

Our firm’s culture has created a real performance-driven environment aimed at meeting the investment objectives of our clients. Client interests are permanently aligned with our portfolio managers, whose compensation is tied to the firm’s success. Our strength is in developing highly-customized investment solutions that are the source of pride for the investment team. Genesis’s dedicated client support has been assisting clients through a variety of life’s challenges. The firm is strongly committed to accountability, utmost integrity and collaboration, which we believe is the foundation for long-standing relationships.

Integrated Tax Planning

Our tax planning and tax advisory professionals work side-by-side with our portfolio managers in order to integrate estate, financial and tax planning concepts into the investment advice which our portfolio managers render to their clients.

Whether assisting clients to develop and implement philanthropic plans, ensuring tax-efficient transfer of wealth within the family, or simply the minimization of income or estate taxes – tax and financial planning professionals work with a client’s portfolio manager to develop a customized plan that is most appropriate in achieving a client’s financial objectives.

Tax professionals provide a full range of income tax, estate tax, employee benefits, and tax dispute services to a broad array of domestic and multi-national corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, tax-exempt organizations and individuals. We ensure that all of the firm’s clients receive timely and creative advice and solutions that allow them to plan for and control the tax consequences of their business and investment transactions.

Financial Planning

Taking the time to understand your primary goals is the first step in ensuring your financial success and security for your family. Our responsibility is not to be merely responsive but to anticipate what we can and should achieve in our life. In doing so we attain a deep understanding of how wealth should serve, rather than complicate life.

We are here to help you formulate and articulate your goals and thereby simplify your life in the process.

We focus on the following areas as part of a Comprehensive Financial Planning analysis:

  • Financial Goals and Objectives
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Transitions
  • Net Worth and Cash Flow analysis
  • Education planning
  • Asset Allocation
  •  Employee Stock Option Analysis
  • Asset Protection
  • Legacy Creation

Corporate Benefit Planning

We recognize that most plan fiduciaries are also busy executives who cannot devote the time necessary to become investment specialists on behalf of their plan. Genesis Capital Group can help you fulfill your fiduciary obligations under ERISA, by helping you determine how a deferred compensation program or Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) will work within the framework of your company’s financial and business objectives.

We consult with corporations on plan design, implementation and long-term management. Our services include:

  • asset allocation
  • fund/manager evaluation and selection
  • compliance documentation
  • ongoing monitoring and due diligence

In addition, we provide our clients with access to a designated financial advisor who is always available to answer questions from participants and provide quarterly investment updates and advice.

Insurance Planning and Risk Management

Economic risks can be managed through the use of insurance tools and strategies that will address the nature of pure risk on the individual and on business, as well as illustrate how insurance can be used to deal with the problems posed by such risk.


The choice that you make will impact your lifestyle and our goal is to help you choose wisely.