Our firms’ culture has created a real performance-driven environment aimed at meeting the investment objectives of our clients. As fiduciaries, our client interests are permanently aligned with our advisors and portfolio managers. We develop highly-customized investment solutions that are the source of pride for the investment team. Genesis’ dedicated client support system assists clients though a variety of their life’s challenges. Our firm is committed to accountability, utmost integrity, and collaboration, which we believe is the foundation for long-standing relationships.


Genesis follows a time-tested principle of investing that emphasizes avoidance of unnecessary risk in the pursuit of consistent, long-term returns.

  • Our Investment Discipline: Genesis’ investment platforms are based on a well-reasoned investment philosophy and the consistent application of a disciplined, repeatable investment process. Our long-term approach helps position our investment advisors to capitalize on the inevitable overreactions of short-term investors, while minimizing losses to trading and taxes.
  • Prudent Risk Management: Our portfolios are constructed one security at a time, based on the strict analysis of the portfolio impact and return potential of every investment choice we make. We analyze the risk-return potential of every investment. We manage risk by deploying a detailed securities analysis, careful portfolio construction, management, and broad diversification. In managing portfolios, we adhere to established investment disciplines through all market environments, and maintain a consistent focus on risk and tax management.
  • In-Depth Research: Fundamental analysis is the primary basis for Genesis’ investment decision-making. We employ a well-versed, talented team with a specialty in multiple investment disciplines, who constantly seek to add value to our client portfolios by developing comparative advantages in terms of knowledge and information about the markets that they follow and the application of superior investment judgment.